Rodeo Joe's Tall Tales

Howdy Podners, today is September 3rd, 2019 just to let myself remember when I started this blog.

Okay, I never thought I'd be blogging but some of my old trail ridin' sidekicks told me I should pass along some of the stories I've told them, over the years, so after some prodding from them and a bit of soul searching, I've come to the conclusion that a few people might be interested in hearing my stuff.

Now, I'll warn you, some of this is just my life experiences as a Bare Back Bronc Rider, Barber, High School Football Coach and a few other miscellaneous things I've done over the years...80+ years, that is.

Another warning! I HAVE been known to embellish some of this stuff a bit, so even though it's all truly happened to me, I may not stick exactly with the facts 'cuz my memory ain't what it used to be.

With that in mind, I'll begin in the next episode to get a story underway and we'll see where it goes from there.

The main focus of my doing this blog is that I want to get to know all of you and I figure if I tell my stories, maybe you'll want to share your stories as well.  That way we can really get acquainted in the old fashioned way by knowing a lot about each other.

Tell me about your life...what you do for a living, what you do for fun.  Do you ride a horse?  Tow a horse trailer behind your truck?  Can you wear a cowboy hat and a good pair of boots to your job?  What are your hobbies?...hunting, fishing, rodeoing, parenting, etc.

Feel free to leave comments!  Yes, I love reading every one of them.  The only thing is that I'll have to approve them, unfortunately, because these days there are some C-R-A-Z-Y people out there that might say some really bad stuff and use language that I don't approve of.

But, you can rest easy knowing that, even if you criticize me, I'll still approve your comments unless you're using profanity or some otherwise intolerable (ornery) words.  I'm excited to hear from you.

-Rodeo Joe
And That Ain't No Bull!

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